Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Artist Review!- Sleigh Bells "Treats"

Of the many treasures Sirius XMU radio has bought me, Sleigh Bells has been exactly that of their album title, "Treats". They are quoted as being "an American noise pop duo" and I can't seem to get some of their hooks out of my head.  This is impressive as they have only a guitar player and singer and pre-recorded backing track.  Even though there are not multiple instruments on stage, the guitar and beats are so noisy and distorted you won't feel like they are missing a thing. Signed to M.I.A.'s personal record label N.E.E.T. it is hard to ignore the similarity to M.I.A.'s speak-singing style at times. Don't let the fact they are electronic band with a female singer fool you. The vocals can have the same "sugar in the raw" graininess of Beach House, but their sound can also be just as agressive "Fragile"-era Nine Inch Nails or Yeah Yeah Yeahs before Karen O  went sober.  While it's hard to pick a few tracks that shine above the rest on this album a great two to start out with are "Infinity Guitars" and "Kids". 

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